Friday, October 3, 2008

She is loved

Pictured above are my 2 girlfriends that I go to Bible study with.
One of them had not met Ashlyn until last week at a groovy church block party.
She used to be a Special Ed teacher and I had told her about
Ashlyn before she actually met her. When she first saw her I thought that she
was going to melt. You could just see it in her eyes that she was
"in love" with her. (ahhhhh, precious, precious lady) We talked for a while
and she asked several questions and she made a comment that made by skin crawl,
but I didn't let her know it.She said "oh my gosh I have goose bumps by seeing
how much your family is in love with this child". While it was awesome for
her to know how much we love and cherish Ashlyn, it made me sad to know that she used to teach children like my Ashlyn and had a bad taste in her mouth by other children
not being so accepted into their own families. When I look at my Ashlyn and
see the innocence and love in her heart, it just rips my heart out to think about
other children with Down syndrome or any disability that are not welcomed into
their own family or given the chance to love and be loved. :(

This girly here~ there is no possible way that she could be loved anymore....
I love her so much my heart hurts!!

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