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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


hmmm hmmm my maw loves me!

I think these biscuits need to be squished a little

they were looking too fluffy!

Yeah I'm cute and lovey

Sugar me up and then you can go home! :)

All this loving just wears me out....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Romeo, Romeo

wherefore art though Romeo??

This is Jasmine, Howard's secret lover. Can you hear the whining and whimpering from where you are??? Poor Howard doesn't seem to care that she is only about 4 times bigger him.... love is blind I tell ya!!

Table for 3

So this Hound dog of ours was supposed to be fed *only* dog food... comprende??? No, no, no comprende says Senorita Ashlyn. I think these two are such good buds because of the fringe benefits that he sweeps up after her. Tonight he got chicken tenders and french fries. For dessert there was Amish bread, oh and for breakfast he lapped up some pieces of cinnamon biscuit from Bojangles. Yep, I am sure that is why he still hangs around the wild woman even when she lays on top of him and pins him on the couch..... oh what a life!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another seizure....

Ashlyn had another seizure last night. This makes about 7 since July...not good. Her seizure meds have been adjusted to double for about a month now and she still had another one. It actually was REALLY weird! I don't know if some people have any types of "warnings" right before they have a seizure, but last night I was laying down with her trying to get her to go to sleep. She repeated "please stop" about 5 times, which is soooo out of character for her. Nobody was touching her and we weren't talking, just total blackness and silence (except for her repeating please stop). Mike came in and layed down with her while I took a shower. Everyone else was in the bed and I heard him yelling my name and I immediately *KNEW* that she had to be having a seizure because he was yelling so loud, knowing the boys were in bed too. I jumped out of the shower and ran in there to find her still seizing. It wasn't that long, only about a minute, but I kept thinking "oh what if she had had it earlier in the day and fell and hit her head again?" But thankfully she was safe in the bed. I called the neurologists office today and I am thanking God that they aren't co-pay sucking freaks and didn't make me drive all the way to Charlotte to figure out another prescription plan for her. Luckily we had discussed changing her meds last month because I was having trouble getting the capsules in her and so the doctor had in the chart that we would switch to Keppra if I continued having trouble getting the Zonegran capsules in her. Taking medicine is pure TORTURE for Ashlyn. She doesn't like the taste and she doesn't comprehend why we have to give her this yucky stuff every night. So now that she has had another seizure, the torture has to increase :( We went from taking her medicine once a day, to now giving her three different doses in one day. She will start on Keppra in the morning and in the evening she will get another dose of Keppra along with the Zonegran for about two weeks. We sure could use your prayers! It takes two of us to get her meds in her! She is 47 pounds of TOUGH MEAT!! There is NO WAY I could get her meds in her by myself, as she fights like a line backer!! Ahhhhhh, such is life....sometimes we have to do things that we really just don't want to do! I would gladly take 10 shots in the hiney a night, than to have to give her one dose of medicine!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Suit says teacher tried to sicken boy with peanut allergy

Our kids are supposed to be safe at school right? YIKES this is scary!


Suit says teacher tried to sicken allergic boy
Educator at RISE didn't want to take student with autism on field trip to zoo, reports say:

The mother of a 7-year-old boy with autism and a severe peanut allergy claims in a new lawsuit that a teacher didn't want her son to go on a class trip to the zoo. So, the suit contends, she tossed him a Mr. Goodbar -- chock full of peanuts.
"Maybe he could get sick enough not to attend and we won't have to deal with it," the teacher told a classroom aide, according to court and state documents.
The boy didn't eat the candy bar. The teacher, Trinda Barocas, has denied doing anything to prevent the child from attending the trip or harming any children. She has since resigned from the school, RISE Learning Center in Indianapolis.
The Mr. Goodbar allegation came to light when school officials called in state child welfare investigators after teacher's aides alerted them about concerns that the teacher was abusive.

Child Protective Services substantiated the claims, according to the agency's report.
The child's mother, Anita Young, became aware of what happened when the principal at RISE called her.
In addition to the suit against the district, Young wants criminal charges filed against Barocas.
"Every day I would send my son to school believing he was safe in school, a public school," Young said. "I was betrayed. . . . Now I'm left to clean up the damage."
CPS substantiated the claims of abuse in April. At this point, prosecutors have not charged Barocas with a crime. A spokesman for Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi did not return a phone call for comment.
In her interview with CPS, Barocas said she had not wanted the boy to go on the field trip because he would act out, but she said she didn't do anything to stop him from coming.
The state report says teacher's aides also described Barocas as dragging Young's son and another student across the floor by their arms, pushing them, pinching Young's son and flicking the other student on her lips.

But the most jarring account is from early in the 2008-09 school year -- on the day of the field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo.
Teacher's aide David "Bo" Holder told investigators that on that day, Barocas said, "I wonder what would happen if (the boy) had peanuts? I could touch it, and then touch him."

Another aide, Heather Schroeder, told state investigators Barocas had given the boy the Mr. Goodbar.
Holder told the state he didn't see Barocas toss the boy the candy bar, but he said he heard her say she had given him peanuts.

Young suspects the reason the boy didn't eat the candy bar is because, like many children with autism, he won't eat foods he's unfamiliar with -- and he had never seen a candy bar in a yellow wrapper.
Young discovered the peanut allergy when her son was a small boy and he swelled up after touching his father's peanut butter sandwich. Doctors have warned Young and her husband that the boy will asphyxiate within minutes if he eats peanuts and isn't immediately treated.
The school was aware of the boy's allergies, and a large sign on the classroom door warned that peanuts were not allowed in the room. Young also had talked to the teacher about the peanut allergy.

"I think she's sadistic," Young said. "I think there's something wrong with her mind. She shouldn't teach. She shouldn't be allowed around kids."
Barocas' attorneys did not respond to calls seeking comment Thursday, but according to the CPS report, the teacher told the agency "she did not want (the boy) to attend the field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo because of his behavior. She stated that he did go and did many things that he was not allowed to do. Trinda compared (the boy) to an 18-month-old child several times. Trinda denied that she did anything or said anything to stop (the boy) from coming on the field trip."

She also told state investigators and attorneys she had not abused children in the other incidents, although she acknowledged occasionally making light physical contact, such as tapping, when correcting their behavior.
Perry Township Schools Superintendent Thomas Little said the district, which administers RISE, reported the accusations to CPS as soon as it was aware of them.
Before the accusations came to light in March, the district had moved to fire Barocas for poor performance, Little said. She instead turned in her resignation to be effective at the end of the school year.

But when the aides reported what they had seen, Barocas was placed on administrative leave and never returned to the classroom. She left the district at the end of the year.
"Based on our review of our facts to date, the district did everything they could," said David Day, an attorney for the district. "They addressed it as soon as they found out about it."

State teacher licensing officials have been working with CPS and the prosecutor's office to monitor the case, state Department of Education spokesman Cam Savage said. If wrongdoing is confirmed, Barocas could lose her teaching license.
Barocas also was placed on administrative leave in 2007 when she worked in Franklin Community Schools. At that time, a nurse told a child's mother that she had seen Barocas force-feeding the girl, slapping her and improperly restraining her.
The Sheriff's Department and school district cleared Barocas in that case. She told a Star reporter at that time, "I did not, will not and would not hurt a child in my care."

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Worth it all

Rita Springer is my absolute favorite Christian artist. This song "Worth it all" is set to scenes from "The Passion of the Christ". If you think you can't handle seeing these scenes then at least just listen to the lyrics. It is an amazing song and I honestly do believe that in the end it will be "worth it all".

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Friday, October 9, 2009


I am so glad that we finally took the plunge getting a house doggy. Howard is the sweetest thing ever and he even hangs out with the wild woman, despite her wild attitude!! He was already house trained when we got him, now If we could just get control of black doggy hair everywhere we would be in business. Gaaaaahhhh we are not digging the dog hair. Any suggestions??

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PLEASE go and visit this blog fundraiser for the adoption of Ruslana!! They are having an awesome give away to help raise funds to help bring Ruslana home! Even if you can't contribute please continue to PRAY for her and her new family!!

Join Us!
Grab This Button

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nie Nie is going to be on Oprah!!

Stephanie Nielson is going to be on Oprah tomorrow, Wednesday October 7. I can hardly wait!!! I already have it set to record just in *case* anything would happen that I can't be here to watch it.

Stephanie and her husband Christian Neilson were in a horrid plane crash one year ago and it was almost fatal. Her family pulled together to care for her 4 children while she and her husband were both in comas. They are both recovering thanks to our precious Heavenly Father. Their story will be aired on Oprah Winfrey tomorrow afternoon!! Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your story and sharing your lives! You and your family are very much loved and treasured!

Here is a link to her blog ~

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 15th birthday to my favorite "oldest" son!!
I am very thankful for you and love you very much!
It's all because of you, that I became a mommy!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

For those who pray......

Copied information on an angel named Ruslana who has Down syndrome:

Calling all prayer warriors. Please pray for this family. They are in the process of adopting a beautiful little girl from Eastern Europe named Ruslana and they just found out that she will be transferred to the mental institution in 2 weeks. There is no way they can get to her in that time frame. The family is requesting 24 hours of prayer for Ruslana. PLEASE, PLEASE help this family by lifting them and their beautiful daughter up in your prayers.Ruslana is being transferred to the mental institution because she has Down Syndrome. She will have to live there for the rest of her life and many of the children do not even make it a year until they die. Some are even tied down in beds and severely neglected once they are in an institution. I cannot believe that this is God’s plan for Ruslana’s life…. Please help us pray from Friday (October 2) to Saturday at noon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is Down syndrome awareness month

Get It Down; 31 for 21

I will once again attempt to do the 31 day challenge to blog for 31 days in October to raise awareness for Down syndrome! Here is day number 1 down!! Only 30 to go!