Thursday, October 9, 2008

God please......

My heart skipped
Yesterday afternoon I was babysitting for Baby Austin,
the preemie baby that I have asked for prayer for.
I was holding him and he appeared to be upset.....
his body would draw up
and he would let out a
oh my goodness, it looked all too familiar to me.
God please don't let this baby be having seizures....
right here
with me holding him.
When his mother came to pick him up
she was holding him and he started doing it
I didn't even have to say a word...
she said "I think he might be having seizures".
Mike and I looked at each other....we knew.
I immediately felt sick to my stomach.
He started to whimper
and one
tear fell from his
My heart hurt so bad as my mind
raced to the what if's...thinking-
what else can his little body hold up to?
He appears to have one kidney functioning-
doesn't have full sight in his eyes-
and now this....
I told her immediately that it appeared
he was having a type of seizure called
infantile spasms.
I am so beyond mad, because I know first hand the damage
that these seizures could do to his body.
Ashlyn was diagnosed at her one year check up with the nasty beast.
It took away her smile, it took away her eye contact
her muscle tone, and the list could go on....
Why is this happening God? Why him?
She took him to his pediatrician today-
***The pediatrician***
who told me that it appeared Ashlyn was having infantile spasms.
He was right about Ashlyn.
I am praying that he is not right about Austin.
He made her an appointment for an EEG---
Dear God please, please prove us wrong, (and nothing worse) I beg you....

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WheresMyAngels said...

Praying hard . I have tears in my eyes as I have witness a friends child having these too.

Hugs for you too, I know that had to be hard to witness.