Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you couponing??

If not, well you should!! I loaded up at CVS today! I was thrilled as I ran to the car with my goodies!! I only paid about .70 cents for the load you see above! Plus I walked out of there with over $30 Extra care bucks to spend when I go back!! I don't see how CVS can stay in business with all of the stuff they give away!! (but I pray they keep using the ECB's to give me all of this stuff!)
I paid about .70 cents for the following!
- 2 pumpkin candy buckets
- 2 glow sticks for Halloween
- 7 packs of toothbrushes that had 2 in each pack - so I got 14 free toothbrushes- and believe me, the way Ashy hijacks everybody's toothbrush and does God knows what to it...we go through a ton of toothbrushes!!
- 4 bags of candy corn
- 2 bottles of Power Ade drinks
- 1 purse size pack of tissues
- 2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste
I realize that this has nothing to do with Down syndrome, but hey you guys really need to couponing!! Oh and I got 3 free cans of tomatoes at Harris Teeter, LOL!!

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