Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey sister, soul sister

See the two beauty queens down below??
Let me introduce you to them.
The first two pics are Princess Ashlyn aka~
Ashy, Lou Lou, Sally, Helga, Poopsie
the last three pics are of Jaiden aka~
Jaiders, Jaidey, Jaiden Laruski :)
These 2 girls are aka
"the Soul Sisters"
Jaiden is a beautiful little girl who is 6 years old and has Down syndrome.
She & Ashlyn are in so many ways alike and
we have labeled them ~
Soul Sisters.
Jaiden sent the groovy orange shirt from "the House of Blues"
for Ashy's 9th birthday.
Leah, Jaiden's mommy, sent pictures of Jaiden
in her matching soul sister t-shirt.
It appears that Jaiden is trying to be shy
and hide her face from the camera-
yet in all reality she is such a HUGE superstar
and has to remain anonymous in public, he he he!
Traci begged her stinky mommy Leah
to send her a headshot that you could actually see her
beautiful face.... but Leah claims that Jaiden is just too
fast and refuses to be photographed....sigh, the life of a celebrity.
So, you just have to trust me that Jaiden is a beautiful princess
and she is one of our most FAVORITE people with Down syndrome.
Traci and Leah have met in person, but have not yet thrown
together a rocking party for the 2 soul sisters to meet up.
It will happen Leah, it will happen!
We love you Jaiden Laruski!!



WheresMyAngels said...

:( I want to see what Jaiden looks like now! I can tell she has gotten so big!

Traci said...

I have another picture that I will be posting soon! She is so beautiful!