Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Christmas in August!!!

So the ice cream truck came rolling through our neighborhood this afternoon.
And we just all had to have some ice cream because it's Christmas time right?
Well someone needs to inform the ice cream man because he is playing Christmas songs like~
Silent night
Rudolph the Red nose reindeer
Frosty the snowman
ha ha, we had a good laugh.
He didn't speak very good Engrish so I wasn't about
to bring up the fact that Christmas isn't for
Oh well, his ice cream is good no matter if it's
Christmas or not!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our newest family member :)

This is Howard, aka Howie
Howie may stay, Howie may leave
it's all up to Howie.
This is our first attempt at a house dog.
I cannot believe Mr. Clean Freak Mike
even allowed it to happen. :)
He worries about pee pee on our carpet-
chewed on furniture-
and heaven forbid there be dog hair amongst us.
So last night Spenser and I were on our way home with Howie.
This was precious-
he said "mom, maybe you should pray for Howie".
I said "okay, how do you want me to pray?"
and he said- "that Howie will be a good dog
and Dad will love him and let us keep him".
So I did-
So far it's working :)
I love this kid.....

Mason's pretty tickled with him too....they run all over the house-

back and forth, back and forth-

I love the sound of his little toenails

clicking along the wood floors...


Ashlyn has been so sweet...she sits with her legs out straight

and pats her little legs and says "here puppy".

Howie is an 8 month old Daschund and Corgi mix.

He's so shiny and his coat is beautiful.

I hope he's a keeper :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's been a good week!!

My little girl is slowly growing up on me!! She had two of her "first time's" this past week. The other day I took the kids to their aunt's shop to get their hair cut. If you know Ashlyn, you know that this is not usually a nice occasion. I have had to hide outside, hide in the bathroom, hide in the corner, etc. to get this wild childs hair cut. I have come out of there bleeding where she had scratched my chest because she was scared and freaking out about getting her hair cut. So yesterday Spenser went first. When he was finished he walked outside to get Mason because ya know we were saving the best for last. (Ashy) While he was outside Miss Priss walks over to the chair, climbs her bitty butt in that chair and was ready to get her hair cut. I almost passed out!!! Who is this child and what did she do with my Ashlyn??? She is such a silly girl. While she was getting her hair cut she kept saying "ow, ow, hurt me". We laughed and laughed at the crazy girl...she is soooo dramatic.

So the next day we were at Wal-mart and Mason wanted to pick out a backpack for school. While we are standing there Ashlyn points to a backpack and says "Fairy". So I pick up two, one with Disney princesses and the "Fairy" (Tinkerbell) and ask her which one she wants. Again she said Fairy. I hand her the backpack, fully expecting her to throw it down on the floor and laugh...but oh no... she really wanted the "Fairy" backpack. She eventually tossed it in the back of the shopping cart and this meant oh yeah, we are really getting this one. People this was huge okay!!! This child will be 10 years old on the 31st and she has NEVER ever picked anything out from the store!!! I have tried my best to let her pick out a dolly or heck, any toy for that matter and she has just never "wanted" anything from the store... it always ends up rejected on the floor. Even Mason was tickled that she picked out her own backpack this year...he's 8 years old and even he "gets it".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

What do I know of holy?

Beautiful song by Addison Road

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seizure update

It's hard to believe but my dear Ashlyn has had 3 more seizures since I last posted about her first seizure a couple of weeks ago. She had one in her sleep last weekend and it woke me up. (Thank God she has been sleeping with us) She had one Monday morning shortly after she woke up and she also had one Tuesday morning a few minutes after she woke up. Mason was mad at me because he was *STARVING* and I didn't hop right out of bed to fix his breakfast. Well thank goodness I didn't because surely we would have had another bar stool event, falling onto the floor and seizing :( Her neurologist had us come in one day early to go ahead and discuss seizure medication. We started her on Zonegran Tuesday night. She had a weird episode this morning and it looked like she was *attempting* to have a seizure. She zoned out and laid back in my arms as if to fall back into a deep sleep. Her eyes were wandering and very heavy. No obvious jerks, she just seemed to want to go back to sleep. This happened for about 30-45 seconds and then she got up and acted fine. Thank you Lord!! We hope to be getting her appt for an EEG soon! Thanks for all of the prayers.