Sunday, September 24, 2006

I can hardly believe it. In 11 days I will be hopping on a plane and going to Oregon to visit my best friend Renee and her family. I am verrrry scared of airplanes and am not looking forward to that part, but in the end it will be worth it. Renee has been my best friend since kindergarten and I haven’t seen her in almost 6 years. The last time she came home to NC was in 2000 and she was pregnant with her middle child. (whom I haven’t met) She doesn’t like flying any more than I do, so here lately I was thinking to myself, “gosh will I ever get to see her again?” Then out of the blue she called and BEGGED me to come. She begged and begged and I just couldn’t make myself tell her no, even though I wanted to (did I mention that I HATE flying?) But it must be meant to be because it seemed like all of the plans just fell in place (less than 3 weeks of planning the trip). I just HAPPEN to be out of school that week, my mom lost her job and can help with the kids while I am gone AND I was able to take off from work. Just thinking about seeing her again, makes me feel like a kid again and I can’t wait to see them all!!!