Thursday, July 12, 2007

Girly talk

So last week my cousin had a Home Interior party and several of the family *hens* were there including me, my mom, one of my sisters, 2 of my cousins and a family friend. Our families do not get together very often since our grandmother passed away so this was a nice treat for a few of the *girls* in our family :) We had the Home interior demonstration and then we all hung out to eat snacks and chit chat. My aunt passed away 6 years ago (WOW, it seems like yesterday) and 2 of her daughters were there and we sat around and talked about the good ol' days when we girls were all little and all of the mischief that we got in to. It was awesome going back to our younger years and reminiscing the care free days of youth. We were all giggling as my 2 cousins talked about how strict my mom was on us and how they always knew they would get in trouble when they spent the night with us! She just couldn't believe that they thought she was soooo mean when we were little, he he! When my mom and stepdad would go out we would have *skate night* and put our skates on, cut on the disco light and skate around our pool table on our wood floors in the dining room. Lord have mercy, they would have skinned us if they knew we were doing that! Our parents date nights also meant that we would catch an episode of Benny Hill too! Boy we were living it up, ha ha! We also talked about how we would lay in bed at night, all on our sides and would lay there and tickle or scratch each others back until we fell asleep (typically there were at least 3 of us in the same bed!) After so long, we would turn over and tickle or scratch the other persons' back. The lucky person in the middle always got their back tickled or scratched...those on the end weren't as lucky, ha ha! We talked about how I (being the sneaky girl) would lay on the floor and let my step-sister and best friend tickle my feet as we had a *who can tickle my feet the best* contest! ha ha, I was such the trickster... They would tickle my feet for a while and then ask who was the best....I would tell them that they needed to tickle a little bit more so that I could decide who was the best tickler! how bad was that? Would you believe now that I cannot stand to have my feet tickled???

I hated to leave because I was really enjoying myself, but my head was throbbing so I cut out a little early. I told my mom that we have got to do this more often....get all of the girls together and go back in time. I honestly want to find a way to do this, as I am the only one out of the group who works a funky work schedule. Next month my sister is having a Home Interior party at her house so I REALLY REALLY hope that everyone shows up again and we have lots of time to sit and go back to the 1970's and 80's.