Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For my first official post of the month I would like to tell you just how "normal" our house is! (what is normal anyway?) We have 3 kids... Spenser who is 3 days short of being 14 years old (man that makes me old!!), Ashlyn who just turned 9 and sports the extra chromosome and then #3 is Mason, the super hero of the family. Tonight I decided to make 2 batches of cupcakes which ended up being about 40'ish some cupcakes. Tomorrow night is our monthly DS support group meeting and I thought I would make Halloween cupcakes and would also make cupcakes for Spenser who has a birthday this Saturday. My mom was over and she helped for about 2 hours and then surrendered to the madness in my house and ran for her vehicle. (I didn't blame her, LOL) We were trying to mix cupcakes in the kitchen, Spenser had his electric bass guitar hooked up to his amp and was playing some crazy, loud song from the 90's. Mason was SUPPOSED to be doing his homework at the bar, but instead decided to harass Spenser who was torturing my mom's eardrums. WELL after about an hour and a half Mason finally finished his written part of homework and left it laying on the bar. Sooooo who do you imagine decided to take Mason's homework and throw it in a sink full of wet, dirty dishes??? Well if you didn't guess right the first time, it would be his sweet and loving sister Ashlyn (who also threw a torn piece of his other work into the cake batter). I had just sent a sticky note in yesterday explaining that Mason's sister had torn his math worksheet into pieces, which explains why his math sheet was taped back together. I imagine that she will get quite a few notes explaining issues with Mason's homework this year. The lady is probably thinking yeah right, no more dogs eating the kids it's the sister! After all, Mason does not yet comprehend the fact that if you leave your homework lying around...wild woman is going to have fun with it and make you suffer for it ..ha ha ha!! He will learn soon enough!

So here is a reminder for Mason ~ always put your homework in a safe place when you are finished!

Here is my sweet mommy helping with the frosting.

shhhhh, do not tell her that I posted her pic on the internet... she will

ground me for at least a month!

Here is Moo, whipping up some ugly, purple icing!

Next we have nekky girl checking out the cupcakes right before

she moves in on the homework!

Here are the UGLY halloween cupcakes. We had cupcakes running out of our ears!

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