Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About my Ashy

Here are a list of 21 things about my Ashlyn. People with Down syndrome have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.

1. I am her favorite person in the whole, wide world (LOL, just hoping here!)

2. She loves cole slaw and salads.

3. She hates for me to brush her hair but she is a perfect angel when daddy brushes her hair.

4. When I take her to get her haircut I have to hide in the bathroom or go outside because she is just a rebel when it comes to her mommy.

5. Ashlyn likes to slap me on the back every time she walks by me.

6. She will not drive her princess car herself, she insists on being driven by someone else (usually Mason)

7. Ashlyn used to be an angel when it came to bedtime. We'd put her to bed and rarely heard a peep out of her. Now she refuses to sleep in her room and it is her big brother's fault :)

8. She kisses me no less than 30 times a day. (man I love her)

9. Ashlyn eats her cereal like a dog, with her face in the bowl, no spoon required (grrrrrr)

10. Sitting in the computer chair, she loooooves to spin it around and around and around some more. Don't have a clue how she does not get drunk from it. I get drunk just watching her do it.

11. Ashlyn loves to watch Hannah Montana.

12. Dirt is in the basic food groups according to Ashlyn. (grass, leaves, and paper are too)

13. She does not like to wear socks or shoes and she starts stripping her clothes off as she walks in the door from school.

14. If I ask her a question she answers me "yes sewr" (yes sir)

15. One of her favorite things to do is see how much toilet paper she can throw in the toilet before I walk in the bathroom and catch her!!

16. If Ashlyn spends the night with her me-maw she goes to bed and actually goes to sleep around 7:30... at home she is never asleep before 10 pm anymore. Turd :)

17. Ashlyn loooooves her big brother "Pensa" aka, Spenser

18. She is not afraid of dogs anymore.

19. Ashlyn is the keeper of the doors in our house... it is her job to keep all doors shut at all times.

20. As of lately if you ask Ashlyn to do something such as brush her teeth, she puts her hand on her forehead and says "have a headache". And she actually knows that she is funny when she does this!

21. Ashlyn is the most loved little girl in the history of time. She is adored by her family members and friends. Nobody told us that the extra chromosome would be bring so much love to our family... but now we know!

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waldenhouse said...

Hi Traci,
Thanks for stopping by.

I think Ashlyn and Wil would get along quite nicely. I think number 20 is my favorite! lol