Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not a whole lot to say today. I have been so busy with this coupon gaming that I am about to drive myself to drink, LOL. Lot's of great deals last week, but my favorite deal was 4 Cover Girl lipsticks, regular price $5.99 each, almost $24 dollars regular price. After the store coupon and the manufacture coupon I paid $1.02 for all four! What a steal! Ha ha! I got free Poise pads (kinda like depends, but pantyliners) this week! I got them free and then they gave me $8 in Extra Care bucks for taking!! After all, you never know when a girl my pee in her pants from excitement of all this free stuff!!!

Me, Mason and Ashlyn went to visit our friends farm 2 weeks ago and then went to the park. Here are a couple of pics of the kids having a grand ol' time!


Check out this sweet piggy! Piggy princess is the cutest thing. She makes me want to get a little pink pig to run around my back yard. But then I remembered how stinky they can be...and decided I would just visit Princess, ha ha!

Lord have mercy, somebody get me some nitroglycerin! That is my child petting that huge horse! This is the same girl that used to be soooo afraid of animals, even little dogs. Wow, she is growing up on me :)

Hello there baby goat!

Here's Mason holding a chicken with a froo froo hair do! Never, ever seen a chicken like that!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

More info on the grocery game

I have been grocery gaming for a month now. I will list a few good finds that I have gathered in the last month. Let me just say before I start listing, that when I first read about the grocery game about a year ago(procrastination again), I thought that it just had to be too good to be true. WOW...why didn't I start this sooner? I started reading pretty heavily about it about a month and a half ago and figured that it would take me forever to get a stockpile going...NOT so! In just a month I have gotten the following (plus more)~
Around 20 different deodorants (free or close to free) plus tax.
22 boxes of baby wipes (80 count)-free plus tax
6 - 12 packs of Dr. Pepper for $.50 each
12 boxes of General Mills cereal for $7.50
numerous bar soaps
bath/shower gels
Reese Easter candy
Crest and Listerine mouthwashes.
2 glucose testing kits ($2.13 each)
bazillion 12 oz bottles of Hi-C (not free, but at a GROOVY price :)
razors and blades
Chicken breast out the ying yang
ground hamburger
12 boxes pre-sliced frozen garlic toast
free pullups
20 - 4pack of Scott toilet paper, all for $3 plus tax
cheap, cheap produce and deli meats :)
Cottonelle 6 double rolls (several packs) for $.35 a package
2 free Almay lipsticks
free GOT2B hair products

Here are some links that got me started if you are interested :)

Hot coupon world...free website, no cost to read or join. These people give you lot'f of FREE tips on how to get the best deals!


Okay, this next one costs for you to be able to see the lists that she compiles each week for you. I started here to try and figure it all out. The first four weeks you get a trial membership for $1, this is a good deal and you can learn a whole lot in 4 weeks! Before you join you can enter your zip code to see if stores in your area are included in her lists!



Piano lessons

I am 35 years old and have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Last year my husbands friend GAVE us a piano. It sits in the garage...nice place for it eh? Last summer I bought myself a book off of Ebay on how to teach yourself piano. I finally picked it up 3 weeks ago, he he...nothing like a procrastination....and am learning how to play. I LOVE it....wish I would have done it way sooner. So I figure I will make my way through this book and then hopefully will find a "real" piano teacher to help me play better. I played the trumpet in school and taught myself to play the clarinet..no books or anything. So I figured that I could stumble my way through this piano book and get started!!!