Thursday, July 23, 2009


These make him happy!

Mason is the crazy kid of the family.

He bugged the pee out of me

to buy him some converse. So he still had birthday money left over

so he bought these lovelies.

He thinks that he is just





He unties them every 5 minutes just to have something to do.

He even walks different when he wears these shoes, like they make him somebody else.

What makes you happy?


makes her





Ashlyn L-O-V-E-S cereal.

She asks for cereal no less than 10 times a day.

If you look above at the bent cereal box, you will see

how worn the box is from her dragging it out 10 times a day.

Why can't we all be tickled pink over something so small as a

yummy bowl of cereal and milk?

The morning Ashlyn fell off the bar stool we were out of milk. I put her

in her stool and gave her a bowl of dry cereal (praying that she didn't cry)

Instead of crying... what did she do? She had a seizure and fell off the bar stool,


she fell off the bar stool and then had a seizure. We. don't. know.

My sister joked (she knows how much my girl likes her cereal) that

Ashlyn got ticked off because there was no milk and said I'll show her

not to run out of milk again. I'm going to fall on this floor and scare the pee out of my


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Returning seizures after infantile spasms?

Ashlyn had infantile spasms as a baby, from the age of 4 months until she was 16 months old. So it has been what - almost 8 1/2 years since she had any signs of seizures? Well yesterday some sort of seizure reared its' ugly head. Ashlyn and I both got up at the same time yesterday morning. We went downstairs and I fixed her beloved cereal and sat her up to the bar to eat. I turned around and took maybe 5 or 6 steps and I hear - SMACK - and ran back to the kitchen. She had fallen off the bar stool onto the tile flooring and was having a seizure. Her lips were already bluish purple by the time I got to her and she didn't appear to be breathing. I scooped her up and immediately starting praying for her until the seizure ended. The seizure seemed to last around one minute, but believe me that was long enough to scare the crap out of me. After she stopped seizing she lay in my arms unresponsive and I had my hand over heart to make sure that it didn't stop beating. Mike had left to play golf, but thankfully I was able to contact him to hurry and get home. By the time we got to the ER she was already acting like her old self. I expected her to sleep for a while after the seizure, but that didn't happen. My brother who passed away at the young age of 39 had grand mal seizures so I knew exactly what was happening as Ashlyn was having the seizure. To be honest with you, I was more afraid of what kind of damage she may had done by falling out of the chair onto the tile. I didn't see her fall so I was worried that she fell and hit her head really hard or had hurt some other part of her. At the ER they did a CT scan, EKG and blood work. Daddy was with us so of course she did way better at having the tests done. She tends to give mommy a run for her money when daddy isn't around, but she did great. They wanted a urine test but she had already gone to the bathroom and she REFUSED to try and push any more out. They wanted to insert a catheter but we aren't in to torture so we chose to keep trying to get her to go to the bathroom. After all of her tests came back clear they sent us on our merry way and told us to follow up with our pediatrician to get a referral to a neurologist.

This morning she woke up and went into Mason's room. I was getting up also and heard a loud SMACK. I run to Mason's room to find her crying and her nose bleeding. I am assuming that she hit Mason's wood entertainment center, thus the bloody nose. When I talked to the RN today I told her about what happened this morning and she said that she may have had a really short zap to the brain again and fell and hit her head/nose. ARggggghhhh this is so frustrating and scary. We have an appointment at a pediatric neurologist tomorrow so I just ask that you please keep my girly in your prayers and that we get an answer soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evian Roller Babies

This is the cutest video I have seen in a long time!! Some people commented that this video is creepy on youtube.... CREEPY? Really?? I think it is adorable!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More pics from our trip to Maryland

Here are a few more random shots from our trip...what fun we had!!

The princess watching "The princess protection program"

Spenser and "mama Denise"

All the "crazy" people

Papa John and Mama Denise

Lighthouse we saw on our boat ride

Mason's turn at driving....Ashlyn thinks he needs some help

Ashlyn's turn at driving

Here is a picture of "soap" as Ashlyn called it :)

handsome fella

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fundraiser for Ashlyn M.

Please go and vist Carey's blog -- she is holding a fund raiser for one of our friends with Down syndrome named Ashlyn. Ashlyn is battling Leukemia for the second time in her short life!! If you or someone you love wears mascara, please consider going to Carey's website and ordering some mascara. A portion of the funds will go the McFadden family to help with extra expenses due to Ashlyn's illness! Say a prayer or 20 for her too!!

You can also check out Ashlyn's blog for updates and information!

Pray for Ashlyn

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I might be 37 years old

but I still wanted to see the Hannah Montana movie tonight. I am el' cheapo so I waited until it came to our $2 movie theatre. I was thinking me and the wild woman would have a girl's night out and go to the movies. She loves H.M. and I catch myself watching it all the time .... I mean when you have 5 t.v.'s in your house and most of them are on Disney Channel, you'd be watching it too :) So I am trying to think positive and praying that she behaves herself long enough for us to get through the entire movie with no drama. But we are talking about my drama queen so going to the movies translated into her brain as --- my mommy really wants to see this movie so let's see how fun it would be to misbehave. She's too little to sit in a seat by herself...her weight doesn't even hold the seat down. It kept folding up on her so I put her on my lap and ohhhh what a ride we had! We made it through to about 40 minutes... Hannah was at the fund raiser and singing the hoe down song when she started. I take that back.....about 10 min's before that she started passing gas...loudly. Thankfully we weren't "real" close to anyone but I am sure some heard it. As if that wasn't bad enough...she out of the blue started laughing hysterically. You know the kind of laugh where it comes from your gut and you can't stop laughing even if your life depended on it. And THEN she starts blowing fake farts on her arm....really loud, and laughing loud. Out of the movies we go....I'm mad/sad and she is still laughing. Out in the parking lot she decides she doesn't want to walk anymore and pulls away from me, falling to the ground and scraping her knee......need I say anymore??? I just looked up online and found that the movie will be out on video in August....not soon enough, but oh well I'm not desperate enough to go and watch it alone .....