Monday, February 25, 2008

Eeeeewwww gross!

Last night at work one of my co-workers had a poop load of Nutrisystem meals that she was trying to get rid of....well, now I know why! These meals must be so bad that they have been passed around to 2-3 people before me and there were sooo many left! I took a garbage bag of meals off of her hands, thinking- they can't be that bad can they? Well I tried the black bean soup meal for lunch and I am thinking you can't really mess up black bean soup can you? YES....yes you can! Honestly, if you were to make homemade black dirt and gravel soup, I am sure that it would taste like the stuff I ate today! One down, about 30 meals left to try.....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Upside of Downs

This video was found over at Emma Sage's blog and I wanted to share it with my family and friends too!! Thanks Tara Marie for posting this wonderful video!!

I can proudly say that our family is also on the "upside of Downs"

Monday, February 4, 2008

The original soulja boy

Check out these kiddos dancing! They are amazing. The boy to the right in the black and white shirt is awesome! I could sit and watch these kids over and over. I was a dancer waaaay back in the days. It was all I ever wanted to do. Well now that I am old and chubby I rarely ever dance...heck, maybe I should take it back up again and get rid of my thickness! :)