Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What is he thinking?????

I have to admit we have had pretty good luck the last 8 years as far as people saying crazy, off the wall stuff to us about Ashlyn. Last week I had my *yearly* exam with the doctor that delivered Ashlyn. We were chatting and things were going along pretty good. (or so I thought) He starts going through my chart and naming my children and telling me how old they were (oh hum, I'm glad you told me that because I couldn't remember their ages, Ha!) So when he gets to my dear Ashlyn he says "How is Ashlyn doing?" I tell him that she is doing great and he then proceeds to ask me "is she living with you?" I sure hope that my face didn't look anything like my brain was thinking.... I was not happy at all (Ashlyn's favorite saying) with this nutso question. I am pretty sure that I gave him a *are you crazy* look and told him of course she lives at home with us. (I was thinking of a million things to say to him but I am changing my ways and kept it clean!) I also let him know rather quickly that we love her very much and wouldn't have our little girl any other way (extra chromosome included) :)

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RK said...

I am just browsing some of the other 31 for 21 blogs..you have some great posts. And really...I think I would have broken my jaw from the quick drop that would have happened if I had someone ask me this! It's amazing to me that today someone would even think such a thing... but I suppose that's what Down Syndrome Awareness Month is all about.