Monday, October 8, 2007

My Best friend

My very best friend in the whole, wide world (I said this when I was little) who I met in kindergarten, came to visit us back in August. Her name is Renee and she now lives all the way across the country in Oregon. :( She stayed with us for about 6 days. (which was entirely too short of a stay) She has 3 beautiful girls back home, whom I had the pleasure of meeting last October. I flew out to Oregon with her mom (I am a chicken and didn't want to fly alone) and stayed for about 5-6 days with them. The last time that I saw Renee was when she came home about 7 years ago with her oldest daughter and was pregnant with her second daughter. She now has #3 and I got to meet everyone! So this time when she came she got to meet Mason who wasn't born yet when she came home last and she was able to see my teenager who was 5 then and Ashlyn who was only 1 back them. This is so crazy and I don't even know why it was a concern to me, but in the back of my head I was thinking I hope that she just loves all of them and doesn't leave here feeling sorry for me. (about Ashlyn) I guess my reasoning for this is because I love Ashlyn with all of my heart and would feel just terrible if my best friend didn't *get it* (do you know what I mean?) There are still people in my life that I think still don't get it. It is all hard to explain, but anyway my worries were nothing.... Ashlyn wrapped her around her little finger as well. She was in love with my 3 kids as much as I had fallen in love with her 3 kids :)

Here are some pictures from our visit...

Don't you think it went over pretty well???

Ashlyn loves Renee so much! Renee sat around feeding her ice cream all how could Ashlyn NOT love her?? ha ha!

Oh and one funny thing. Ashlyn could say Renee, but she decided that she would call Renee BRENDA all week. It was hilarious and made us laugh every time she called her that. Ashlyn would throw up her hand and say "good morning Brenda", with this sneaky little smile. She knew her name wasn't Brenda but she sure insisted on calling her that!

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