Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The flop and drop

Don't you act like you don't know what I am talking about. (he he)
I sure would like to know more about the extra chromosome that Ashlyn has and many other kids with DS who decide to hit the ground when they don't want to do something in particular. She is 8 years old and still pulling that trick on me! It's a good thing for my back that she hasn't gained a whole lot of weight lately. ha! In this picture she had just gotten off the bus (took her shoes off on the bus) layed herself out flat on the driveway and refused to go inside! ha ha I had Spenser run in and grab my camera to capture the moment :) Typically she will just sit down on her fanny and not budge and inch...but this day she decided that she would take a little rest break sprawled out on the concrete! Isn't she a little old for this stuff???


Shelley said...

Hi there - I love this pic. Just this week I took my Hannah (nearly 3) to the local park to play with another little girl who also has DS. When we were leaving the park Miss Sohpie sits froggy style and looks at the ground - not budging (Oh yeah - I recognised the pose!) then Miss Hannah realises too that we are heading home and down she squats - identical pose! So stubborn, so beautiful!

PS - I love the 'grace of God' in your side bar - we chose the name Hannah in honour of my great grandmother and because she is mine 'by the grace of God'.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this one before. :)