Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm trying!

Oh my goodness - I feel like a real slacker here lately. I am working 12 hr shifts for the next several days...

Here's Ashy with her armband from the fair a few weeks ago. I was so upset because I didn't get to go ...I had to work, ugh. This little turkey waited to do this when I wasn't at the fair. She was riding a lot of the rides and was laughing so hard (says her daddy). In the past she would cry and scream if you tried to put her on the merry-go-round, the little cars out side of deptartment stores, etc And now she thinks she can just go right on to the fair without me and decide that she is a big girl now and ride the rides like both of her brothers. :)

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Artie's Mom said...

I really appreciated reading your blog. Ashley is a sweet pea! And a brave little one! Riding those rides at the fair!
I also wanted to find out about the first song on your site. "God bless the last ones". I cant find it anywhere. Who is the artist?