Monday, October 1, 2007

31 for 21 - day 1 -Ashlyn's day--UPDATED!

I am dedicating my first day of blogging for 31 for 21 to our little girlfriend Ashlyn M. What a sweet and beautiful little girl she is. She was diagnosed with Leukemia recently and will be spending a month (YIKES) in the hospital undergoing treatment. I had the pleasure of meeting the little sweet pea amd her family last year at a IRL meeting in Chicago. What a lovey love girl she is... I think we all wanted to sneak her home with us, he he!

What a beautiful girl she is....

Ashlyn's care page
Her username is ashlynnichole

Please send up lot's of prayers for Ashlyn. I know that her family would appreciate them!
We love you Ashlyn!
Traci & Ashlyn

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S. said...

Ashlyn is beautiful. Praying here!