Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post #1 for October 31st

So I let myself down. I didn't get to post all 31 days :( I did try though. Typically I could have done this, but this month has been a VERY crazy month.

Here is Miss Jaiden, one of our favorite friends that we have in our Trisomy 21 family. Her mommy Leah and I met last year in Chicago at a gathering of T21 families. Leah and I have been friends for quite a while and it was awesome to finally meet in person. Jaiden and Ashlyn stayed at home with their daddy's while us crazy moms met up and had a little fun! We vow that we will one day meet up again and bring our wild and crazy girls to finally meet! I just know in my heart that they will love each other as well! They are so much alike in personalities and behaviors and we call them the "soul sistas". We hope to meet ya soon Jaidey girl! :)

Jaidey and her daddy

Baby Jaiden and her big brother Nicholas

Jaiden's 1st ride on a school bus!

Pretty lil girly!

Jaiden in her daddy's pilot hat


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