Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I love being a's what I do best, I think? :) Here we have some yummy Valentine cookies, and I swear I think there is a law somewhere that says - SOMEBODY has to cry when we do our little holiday yummies. Seriously, it always ends up this way. Out of 3 kids, somebody has to get their pantie*s in a wad EVERY time. So on this day it was Ashlyn's turn. I absolutely LOVE doing the little cookies and cakes for holidays with the kids. I love it. But every holiday I set myself up....I get so stinking excited about doing this and at the end I think why? Ha! Why do I set myself up, thinking we are going to have a grand ol' time doing this...and it usually falls apart, he he! But that is okay by me...I love doing it, I hope they love doing it and if they don't, maybe one day they will learn to love it too!! (fingers crossed)

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Jessica said...

All I know is that those cookies look yummy!