Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sweet Valentine

Valentine's Day 2007. Look what a difference 4 years makes! She was an itty bitty girl back then, not walking and today she is helping her mommy with the housework...LOL, don't I wish!?!

Valentines' day 4 years ago....ahhhh my sweet little girly girl!


Amy said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and blessings to your family!

Tara Marie said...

Happy Valentines Day sweet girl....I love the first picture looking out the door, how precious!

cabronsito said...

You let her work on Valentine´s day?? tz tz tz

Sweet, sweet sweet!!!
It´s a great feeling if your children WANT TO help you working in the house, isn´t it?
Happy late Valentine!

Traci said...

Yes, we clean on Valentine's Day and every other major holiday...ha haha!! My girl wouldn't clean a house if her middle name was "Maid"... :) She was just slamming the broom around a little bit...making some noise :)