Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Angel on the corner

So today I saw an angel standing on the corner. I am quite sure he was an angel and the other days I have seen him there I had the same exact thought. But today I teared up for some reason. Every time I see him I always honk my horn and wave like crazy to let him know that I see him and appreciate the happiness he has thrown into my day. I think what made me cry today was the fact that not everyone sees him and this made me really sad. He's been there on that corner for who really knows how long, waving and smiling and telling everyone who passes by hello. Today I watched him from a differnt angle, at a distance and it made me see another view. I was across the intersection facing him and watching him wave to everyone and I thought, "how many people really see him over there and get all mushy at the site of him like I do?" Does it make other peoples day when they see him? Do they smile as big as they can and feel like their heart is going to burst at the sight of him getting so excited just waving at the cars, or is it just me? Would I have felt the same way about him before I had Ashlyn? I think that is what REALLY hurts my heart. But that is okay, I can thank Miss Ashlyn for changing my heart, my mind, my views, my love, my desires..... basically, my everything. I love you Ashlyn! Thank you for letting me see the world through your eyes.


The Imperfect Christian said...

Maybe he doesn't touch everyone, but I think it's the people that we DO touch that matter more than the ones we DON'T! I know some people look THROUGH my daughters, but its their loss, not ours!

Rebecca said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy World Down Syndrome Day!