Monday, February 19, 2007

My hands

The story below "These hands" really had me thinking tonight. I was thinking back about how my day went today and what my hands allowed me to do. This morning I used my hands to gently wake little ones to start their day. I used my hands to pack a lunch for my oldest son for school. I am starting to think that after packing his lunch every day for the last 7 years, that it is against his religion to buy a school lunch. :) These hands let me snuggle and dress my baby girl before she went off to school. I brushed her pretty hair, put on her shoes, bundled her up before she went out in the cold. All of these things and many more, I was able to do by the use of my hands. I called my best friend who lives a gazillion miles away from me to chat for a while hands allowed me to dial her number. How many times did my hands hold little hands today? Way too many to count. I used my hands to type out a prayer request for my husbands cousin who is lying in a hospital in a induced coma due to a horrible automobile accident. This afternoon, two of my babies became sick with a stomach virus and I used my hands to clean them up, hold them and cuddle them and wipe their tears. There are many more things that I am going to do with my hands tonight before I go to bed. One thing I will do before I retire for the night ~ I will clasp my hands together and thank God for the many wonderful things he has given me, and on this day I can say that I am truly thankful for the pair of hands he so graciously gave me.

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