Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tonight I was going up the steps and Ashlyn was coming down the steps and she let out a fake cough. She then proceeds to say "cold" and keeps fake coughing and repeating "cold" and smiling and giggling in between (little stinker). So she wants me to think she has a cold! This was funny because I can't even imagine where that came from unless there are kids in her class that are sick. No one has been sick here lately with a cold, so I am assuming she heard that at school and wanted to try and gain some sympathy out of me :) Gotta love her.

Mason was saying his prayers tonight and prayed for *Chance* to start being nice to him at school. Gee, I wonder if Mason's older brother Spenser is saying a prayer for the same thing about *Mason* tonight??? :)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful capture.

P.S. We have these knob covers too. :)