Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Get over yourself

That is what God told me this afternoon. Well okay, maybe not in those exact words...but it is close enough. The day had been a bit crazy all day anyway. Sometimes I think I am seriously losing my mind. For instance, I have a big huge calendar in my kitchen so that I don't forget important events/dates. So this afternoon at 4:30 I am washing my hair and my doorbell rings. Not many people use my front door and ring the doorbell so it kind of threw me off there. The 2 kids in my neighborhood that ring the doorbell on a daily basis were ALREADY here. So I am thinking who in the world could that be? I send my oldest son Spenser to the door thinking it is a sales person. He comes back & says mom, Angela is at the door for you. I have no IDEA who Angela is, so I tell him to go back and tell her I am washing my hair and I can't come to the door. So off he goes and then comes back again and said she really needs to talk to you.... I tried to tell her just to call you. So I go to the door with my hair all wrapped up in a towel thinking I am going to shew (sp?) this person away. WRONG!!! I had an appointment here at our house with our new support person. I felt like a goob*er because I forgot all about it and my house looked like it had thrown up in every room. :( What is so bad? I had actually looked at my calendar today but failed to see that I had an appointment at 4:30....yeah I really have it together don't I? Sometimes I think these crazy kids of mine are secretly sucking brain cells from me in the middle of the night or something.

So on to the "get over yourself". I opened the mail right before 6 this afternoon to find a letter from our bank telling us that we had returned checks. What? How can this be? DH just told me that we were out of checks for that account so we couldn't have written any checks. WRONG...turns out that DH found a book of checks, didn't bother to tell me and wrote our bills right on out from that bank. I had no clue that he found checks so I automatically went and deposited our $ at our other bank. Oh my goodness, we had written out over $700 in bills & with my luck the other 5 checks will try to come through tonight...can you say "HUGE RETURNED CHECK FEES? So I am crying and acting like a crazy blubbering girl. When all of a sudden this peace comes over me and says, it will be okay, there are worse things that could happen. So I immediately calmed down. (that is such an awesome feeling when the Holy spirit comes over you and gives you peace).

Tonight we were having "Ruth Fellowship" at church for our ladies ministry. I really didn't want to go but I sure am glad that I did. We had such a nice meeting and I met a few new people. One dear lady at our church asked for prayer for her daughters and grandchildren. She stated that her daughters husband had left her with 4 children and no heat in the house. She also said that they just found out that her grandson has a brain tumor. Of course I am feeling awful by now and thinking how petty my situation was earlier today and that I should be very thankful that God is good. Well after the Ruth Fellowship meeting I come home to find out that DH's 24 yo cousin was in a horrible car accident and he isn't expected to live. :( He had to be airlifted to a bigger city and has already had brain surgery to remove a clot and help with the swelling. This family could really use our prayers!

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