Sunday, August 10, 2008

This child o' mine is girl crazy and has been that way since he was a little tot (he really makes me nervous)

Conversation between Mason and Mommy

Wednesday 8/06 ~
Mason – “ mommy, if Arnold schwarzenager is 60 years old now, how old was he in 1997?
Me – (me scrambling for the answer) “he would have been 49 years old”

Later on that day
Mason – “ mommy, if Carmen Electra is 36 years old now, how old will she be when I am 20?”
Me – “she will be 49 when you are 20”
Mason (very excited) – “all right!!! Maybe when I am 20 I can take her out on a date right??”
Me – “sure Mason, ugh huh”

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