Monday, August 25, 2008

My poor girly is sick. She slept with me and Mike last night and in the middle of the night she let out *the* cry. I sat straight up in the bed and yelled to Mike – she’s gonna puke!! It’s funny when a mom knows a distinct cry isn’t it? Anytime she ever wakes up at night sick on her stomach she lets out a very distinct cry. So Mike grabs her and runs for the bathroom. She didn’t vomit but she was gagging and then went back to sleep. Well I was right. I called home from work this morning at 11 am and she was still asleep!! Sure enough she woke up vomiting and has slept for most of the day. Mike said she would wake up, get sick and fall right back to sleep… poor girl. Honestly she has been so healthy this summer - wouldn’t ya know she gets a stomach virus the day before school starts back. Oh well, she can hang out with mommy all day tomorrow while her brothers head back to school.


Hite Family said...

:( Poor Ashlyn.. I hope she is feeling better

WheresMyAngels said...

Hope she is feeling much better by now. When the older girls get sick, it seems they don't know how to run to the toilet but yet this lit sister can! Grrrr