Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank you Lord

Ever had cold chills in 90 degree weather? I did yesterday! Remember the baby boy Austin that I had asked for prayer for? The doctors said that he was completely blind in both eyes from being on oxygen so long as a preemie, but the right eye was in worse shape than the left. He had surgery yesterday on his left eye and the doctor said that he is now seeing light in his left eye. They were going to see how his left eye did with this surgery and hopefully they will be able to repair his right eye to some degree. I hope I am remembering this right when saying that he had a cornea transplant on the left eye and they were going to try and re-attach the retina. I talked with his mom yesterday as I called to check on him after his surgery. When she told me that he was seeing light in his eye after surgery, I just melted. I had cold chills up and down my arms standing outside in 90 'ish weather for several minutes!! It was freaky but awesome! Thank you dear Lord for giving him sight and we pray that you continue to heal his eyes!!

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