Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Christmas was wonderful


I have never spent a Christmas with my dad and I turned 35 in December. I only met him 5 years ago and he and his wife and son came down to stay with my family for Christmas. It truly was the best gift that anyone could have given me!

The kids had a blast and loved all of their Christmas gifts. Ashlyn must have been a pretty good girly this year because she got her very own Princess power wheels car with a real radio!! She's one hot chick sporting around in that car!!

Mason learned to ride a bike without training wheels on his little bitty bike that he has had FOREVER! He got a new bike for Christmas but is so scared to ride it because it is higher and more off the ground. SIGH.....we will get there some day!!

Spenser received a PLAYSTATION 2...his other one has been jacke d up for a while so he was really excited to get this! He also got a stero for his bedroom and he thinks he is Mr. Cool!

This Christmas was so magical that I wasn't ready for it to end so quickly. Now the kids are back in school and I am trying to help the neglected house to recover!!

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