Monday, November 13, 2006

Update from our house

I have so many things that I need to blog before I forget them. My kids are just too funny and say so many cute things that I don't ever want to forget...but sadly my memory fades way too fast!

Mr. M is starting to be so tender hearted. It just melts my heart to hear him pray. The other day I had a migraine all day and none of my medicine worked to get rid of it. I had felt like p*oop all day long. Well to top it off I hit my head some kind of hard that afternoon and was crying so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. The pain was just unbearable. When I finally calmed down I realized that my migraine was gone! OH yeaahhhh I have found the cure for migraines....just smack your head really hard on something and you will be temporarily cured! so back to Mason....that night in bed he is saying his prayers and asks me "mommy can I pray for your brain?" Well of course I told him that he could and now he prays for my brain every night! Ohhh I just love him.

On the way to school the other day he asked me if I could call Jesus for him. I told him that I would and asked him what did he want me to tell him. He said "oh no, I want you to call him for me, but I want to talk to him."

On to Ashlyn....she is talking like crazy and is such a cute little thing with all of her bossiness. She was in the bed with mommy and daddy the other night and kept calling us "Turrell". "Good morning Turrell, how doing, hey Turrell". So I figured out quickly that Turrell had to be a child in her class. She is also pointing to us and asking us every 5 minutes "ew name?"...that is short for "what is your name?" Our crazy dog Macee is such a wild crazy dog and jumps all over us for attention. I was getting Ashlyn off of the bus today and Macee came running up and freaked Ashlyn out. I scooped her up and carried her to the house as she cried "scarry". Macee is now "scarry".

Spenser just celebrated his 12th birthday and is doing really well in school. He made all A's except for one B. I honestly don't know how the child does it....I rarely see him doing homework and never see him study. He is just a natural brainiac I guess. He is busy trying to be a good brother to Ashlyn and busy trying to get Mason to BE a good brother. :)

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