Wednesday, January 24, 2007


well not exactly...he he he! Mason, my crazy third and last child loves his action figures, super heroes, etc. He has 3 spiderman costumes, incredible hulk, Mr. Incredible, Thing (from fantastic four), The flame dude too. When he puts those costumes on (around 363 days a year) he becomes these figures and acts like them. He acts tough and rough and stomps around. Well at 5 years old, Mr. Super hero himself decides that he wants to take wrestling*. (dh was a super wrestler* back in the day) We sign him up, dh is assistant coach and really tries to make it all big for him. Let me remind you that this is the SAME child who w*restles on the floor with his 12 year old brother and gives his BIG BROTHER a run for his money. He is tough, strong, hyper and plain ol' crazy when he wrestl*es at home. So you can imagine my dh's frustration when his child goes to a wrestli*ng match and all he is concerned about is getting a slice of pizza. He pouts and whines and barely even attempts to wrestle. I just don't get it. He is soooo SUPER strong but goes out there and acts like an injured bird flopping around. he he!

Oh and I told dh I bet him a million $$$'s that if they would allow Mason to wear one of his super heroes costumes when he wres*tles...he would take em' all out!! (fat chance at getting to wear the good ol' spidey costume eh?)

I think he would tear em' all up!


Nicole said...

Traci, The pics won't download. :( I really want to see your cuties. When I click on the pic it says I'm forbidden on this server to view the photos. But the pics down below of them painting come through. Any ideas?

Traci said...

Oh poo, I used ofoto last night because I couldn't get into photo bucket...they should be all clear now!!