Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I might be 37 years old

but I still wanted to see the Hannah Montana movie tonight. I am el' cheapo so I waited until it came to our $2 movie theatre. I was thinking me and the wild woman would have a girl's night out and go to the movies. She loves H.M. and I catch myself watching it all the time .... I mean when you have 5 t.v.'s in your house and most of them are on Disney Channel, you'd be watching it too :) So I am trying to think positive and praying that she behaves herself long enough for us to get through the entire movie with no drama. But we are talking about my drama queen so going to the movies translated into her brain as --- my mommy really wants to see this movie so let's see how fun it would be to misbehave. She's too little to sit in a seat by herself...her weight doesn't even hold the seat down. It kept folding up on her so I put her on my lap and ohhhh what a ride we had! We made it through to about 40 minutes... Hannah was at the fund raiser and singing the hoe down song when she started. I take that back.....about 10 min's before that she started passing gas...loudly. Thankfully we weren't "real" close to anyone but I am sure some heard it. As if that wasn't bad enough...she out of the blue started laughing hysterically. You know the kind of laugh where it comes from your gut and you can't stop laughing even if your life depended on it. And THEN she starts blowing fake farts on her arm....really loud, and laughing loud. Out of the movies we go....I'm mad/sad and she is still laughing. Out in the parking lot she decides she doesn't want to walk anymore and pulls away from me, falling to the ground and scraping her knee......need I say anymore??? I just looked up online and found that the movie will be out on video in August....not soon enough, but oh well I'm not desperate enough to go and watch it alone .....

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