Monday, April 6, 2009

Scary weekend for us. Mike and the boys were in a vehicle accident this past weekend. He had taken them to the Auto Fair at Charlotte motor speedway on Saturday. I was at work when Mike called me and said- do not panic but we have been in an accident. They had come to a stop when an elderly man plowed into the rear end of our Tahoe, ramming it into the vehicle in front of them and then they also hit the vehicle in front of them. The elderly man was having some type of medical condition (they still don't know what) and was out of it when he hit them. He was slumped over into the middle of the car and was jerking and not coherent, with his foot still pressing the gas which was still trying to run into the Tahoe. Someone standing by had to turn his car off. Mike said that he still hadn't come to when the ambulance carried him off. It appeared to Mike and other's that he was having a seizure, a stroke or maybe an heart attack. We found out today that he is still in the hospital and they have not found a reason for his medical behavior. We had been worried all weekend about him and had no way of contacting him until today. We were VERY relieved to know that he is alive and okay. A car can be replaced, where human life cannot. Thank you Lord that everyone is doing well.

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