Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's that time of year again....

SIGH.... Wrestling season. For Mason. For Mike? For who? Mike wrestled in school and was good I tell ya, good! I keep telling him that he can't re-live his wrestling days through Mason. This will be the 3rd year of wrestling for Mason. The boy is so tough and strong wrestling/fighting with his 14 year old brother... why in the world doesn't he take that strength to the mat? He goes out there flops around like a fish so that he can hurry up and lose and go sit with his team and horse around. (tears my nerves up I tell ya!) I don't even like wrestling as a sport, it is too personal, too one on oneish, know what I mean? If you lose, YOU lose. Like I said, Mason IS strong and puts up an awesome fight with his 14 year old brother, but for some reason he won't get mad enough to go out there and *whoop* some fanny on a 6-7 year old boy. It is almost like in some matches that he is in a competition with himself to see how fast the other guy can take him down, so he can hurry back to the group and hang out. And the funny thing about it is, it doesn't appear to bother him. When he goes out on the mat I need a nerve pill... why, oh why are they doing this to me again this year?

Can you shout out some good vibes for ol' Mason this year? Pretty puleeeeese?

Here's Mason doing some push ups last night

Here is copy cat doing her version of a push up...

All of this exercising wears me out

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My name is Sarah said...

Excerising wears me out too. Very cute.