Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am thankful for

our friends. Mike and I have a group of awesome friends. This past Saturday we all got together and celebrated Thanksgiving early, as a group. I am guessing there were at least 40 of us there. This was the 3rd year that we have celebrated like this with our friends and our children. We all get together and everyone brings side dishes and deserts. The family that hosted the dinner provided some groooovy turkey and barbeque. We usually see some of the friends many times throughout the year, but it is rare that we are all together as a group. The group started with two childhood friends - Mike and Bob. They have been best friends for a super long time. The group grew from there as the fellas played golf together and other men and their families started joining in the circle of friends. Our kids are all excited when it is time to meet up with everyone and they all play so well together. We had a few of these families over at Halloween too and it was a blast!! Over the years a we have had some families drop out as some have moved away and others got married and had different interests. But all in all, I feel that we have friends for eternity and I am very grateful for that! Thank you Lord.

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