Monday, May 12, 2008

Sneaky, sneaky

I know that this won't seem funny to most of you, but it sure was funny in our household. Ashlyn is 8 years old and although she does lot's and lot's of naughty things she has always been the kind of - in your face- kinda gal. If she was going to eat paper (and choke of course) she would do it right in front of you. If she wanted to put bouncy balls in her mouth and choke- she would do it right in your face. WELL, Miss Priss has learned a thing or two from her brothers about being sneaky. In the last oh, six or eight months we have caught her sneaking around to do things that she knows she should not be doing. One day I saw her walk into the room, put her hand behind her back as she saw me, and then try to walk out of the room without being caught by me. I ran after her and she ran so fast and cackling as loud as she could. When I caught up with her I found the sneaky turd had coins in her hand and YES they would have gone straight into her mouth had I not caught onto her. Yes at 8 years old she still puts a lot of CRAP into her mouth. Long short version.

Last night she had brought some paper into the play room and was tearing it up into tiny pieces all over the floor. I let her play for a little bit and then told her that she needed to pick up the paper and throw it away. Out of the corner of my eye I watch her stuff paper up under the rug and honestly I couldn't believe it because she never tries to hide her messes. A little later I saw a bump in the rug and it made me chuckle because I thought....oh no she didn't. Well, oh yes she did! I found a bottle of glue and some torn up paper under the rug. Sounds minor to you...but for us it was sooo funny because her personality has been changing so much lately and you never know what crazy thing she will come up with next.

See the bump in the rug?

Another thing she tries to hide is chewing on her hair. This drives me NUTS!!! She obviously has oral issues going on in her mouth because she is forever putting something in her mouth or chewing on things that she shouldn't be chewing on. In the past she could have cared less if I walked in and caught her chomping down on her hair. But now if I walk into a room and she has her hair in her mouth she pulls it out of her mouth really fast, looks at me like...what? I wasn't chewing on my hair or anything..... TURD!

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