Sunday, May 4, 2008

Will the REAL Tony Stark please stand up?

I swear my son gets funnier and funnier every day. The other day Mason asked me if I would start calling him Tony Stark. I said okay, why do you want me to call you that? Mason- well I just like the name. So I told him that was cool I would start calling him Tony. Now if you know my son even just a tiny bit you know that he is destined to be a super hero in the future. Several weeks ago my husbands friend/neighbor told Mason that he would take his son and Mason to see Iron Man went it comes out. So at the beginning of this week Mason gets on his dads cell phone and calls Mr. Mike up to remind him that Iron Man was coming out on Friday and don’t you forget it! Mason is sooo funny! He took Mike’s cell phone in the living room and was talking to Mr. Mike in private. We were around the corner howling at him because he wouldn’t DARE let Mr. Mike forget about the movie starting on Friday. So on Thursday Mason calls Mr. Mike again….hey you know Iron Man comes out tomorrow- are we going to see it tomorrow night? So they all take off on Friday night to see Iron Man and I just have to tell you….my son was as high as the sky coming out of that movie! He went on and on about how awesome the movie was and that he got have his picture made with the REAL Iron Man that was there on opening night!

So today I am reading a review of the movie and guess what I found out….Iron Man is aka Tony Stark….
who is aka Mason Williams

Our newest adventure will be to see who can find a Iron Man costume for my crazy boy Mason, I mean Tony Stark

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Meredith said...

Ahh... but I feel like I know you because I read your blog :) Thank you for praying for our family. God Bless you!!