Friday, May 23, 2008

Lifehouse "Everything" skit

The video below is a skit that is being performed around the country in churches and at youth groups. The song is by a group called "Lifehouse" and the song is "Everything". The youth at our church performed the skit a few weeks ago at our church and it was awesome. Right before the skit was performed our pastor was speaking about "addictions" and other problems that satan tries to throw at people every day. After the skit, youth and adults were practically running to the altar. The skit in this video was NOT done by our church but I am hoping that they do add it to GODTUBE.COM OR YOUTUBE.COM There have been several people in my life faced with some of the same things that the main character in the skit was faced with. I only wish that their outcomes had been as good as this skit portrays :(

I have read articles about the skit and how it has changed so many lives. Some of the things that she is faced with may be a little confusing to tell what is happening since you aren't seeing the video live, but I do hope that the message is recieved!! No matter what we battle in this lifetime, God is still right there through it all. ENJOY!

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