Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you dear Heavenly Father!

I am writing this to hopefully educate others and prevent a house fire that could be waiting to happen.

Tuesday night as I was lying in bed and saying my prayers I started asking the Lord to protect our home and protect my family while in our home. Huh? The following day after I had prayed that prayer I was getting ready to go and eat lunch with Mike. On this morning I used the curling iron only when fixing my hair, unplugged it and went downstairs. I took Howard (our dog) outside for a quick tinkle and came back inside. As I walked in the dining room to grab my jacket I heard a noise from upstairs like something was running. I was the only one at home (besides Mike who was downstairs who had just come in and was waiting on me) so I ran upstairs to check it out. I walked into the bathroom to find the hairdryer running!! I hadn’t even used the hairdryer, yet it was running and had a smoky/burning smell to it. I tried to cut it off but the button wouldn’t budge!!! I ended up pulling it out of the socket in order to get the crazy thing to cut off!! So I am thinking that if we had left a minute or two earlier I am positive we would have had a house fire in no time at all.

So, my message to you is ALWAYS unplug your hairdryer when you are finished using it!! I am so guilty of leaving the hair dryer plugged up and only unplugging the curling iron. In fact, I never unplugged the hair dryer before now. I told my sister-in-law who is a hair dresser about what happened. She said that they learned in cosmetology school to ALWAYS unplug the hairdryer because there are two elements in a hair dryer that can heat up if left plugged in, even though it is not on. She said that they were taught that a hairdryer could heat up and catch fire, NOT that they would start running (like ours did) and catch fire. So this was a pretty scary ordeal for me, to say the least. Every time I thought about it I would get sick to my stomach for a couple of days afterwards, thinking “WHAT IF?” Needless to say I have been thanking my sweet Lord every day that the outcome of the situation was positive. There is no doubt in my mind that we would have had a house fire that day if I had not heard the hair dryer running or even left a minute or two earlier. Thank you Lord!