Thursday, February 4, 2010

My first cake

Here she is:

My first cake creation. My leaning tower of sweetness.
There are several things that I want to do
in life before passing on-
 and making and decorating cakes
is one of them.
My friend and I signed up for a cake decorating class
at Michaels craft store.
Let me start by saying~
it was a whole lot more involved than I imagined.
I felt like I took everything but the
kitchen sink
to class. 

She is leaning somewhat
she tasted oohhhhhhh soooo goood.
Even Spenser (who isn't a cake fanatic like me)
thought it was terrific!!  If he liked it,
well then it must have tasted
pretty darned good!!

Our instructor asked us on the first night of class
"why are you here?"
My answer~
And that's the honest truth! I am a cake freak-
well I am more into the icing but
 ya gotta have at least a little cake to go with your icing....right?

We completed part 1 of Wilson's cake decorating course.
We go for part 2 in March to continue
to learn to create yummy goodness!
Next month I will be making my first birthday cake
for family members and I am excited/nervous
about how it will turn out!
Wish me luck!!