Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our newest family member :)

This is Howard, aka Howie
Howie may stay, Howie may leave
it's all up to Howie.
This is our first attempt at a house dog.
I cannot believe Mr. Clean Freak Mike
even allowed it to happen. :)
He worries about pee pee on our carpet-
chewed on furniture-
and heaven forbid there be dog hair amongst us.
So last night Spenser and I were on our way home with Howie.
This was precious-
he said "mom, maybe you should pray for Howie".
I said "okay, how do you want me to pray?"
and he said- "that Howie will be a good dog
and Dad will love him and let us keep him".
So I did-
So far it's working :)
I love this kid.....

Mason's pretty tickled with him too....they run all over the house-

back and forth, back and forth-

I love the sound of his little toenails

clicking along the wood floors...


Ashlyn has been so sweet...she sits with her legs out straight

and pats her little legs and says "here puppy".

Howie is an 8 month old Daschund and Corgi mix.

He's so shiny and his coat is beautiful.

I hope he's a keeper :)

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