Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seizure update

It's hard to believe but my dear Ashlyn has had 3 more seizures since I last posted about her first seizure a couple of weeks ago. She had one in her sleep last weekend and it woke me up. (Thank God she has been sleeping with us) She had one Monday morning shortly after she woke up and she also had one Tuesday morning a few minutes after she woke up. Mason was mad at me because he was *STARVING* and I didn't hop right out of bed to fix his breakfast. Well thank goodness I didn't because surely we would have had another bar stool event, falling onto the floor and seizing :( Her neurologist had us come in one day early to go ahead and discuss seizure medication. We started her on Zonegran Tuesday night. She had a weird episode this morning and it looked like she was *attempting* to have a seizure. She zoned out and laid back in my arms as if to fall back into a deep sleep. Her eyes were wandering and very heavy. No obvious jerks, she just seemed to want to go back to sleep. This happened for about 30-45 seconds and then she got up and acted fine. Thank you Lord!! We hope to be getting her appt for an EEG soon! Thanks for all of the prayers.

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