Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm in love

with IKEA. Oh my gosh. The fam and I went to IKEA tonight for the first time and I am thinking it was a BIG, BIG mistake. I loved it, every bit of it. I saw cute beds for the kids (not that they need them), book cases, shelves, lamps, bedding and a zillion other things that I MUST have. We were there for about 2 hours and that was just not enough time for me... the kids and Mike hurried right along from room to room, sometimes leaving me behind as I took in as much as I could. Grrrrr, I do not like to be rushed when I am doing my best not to miss anything, although I did. I will definitely be going back during the week sometime when the kids are in school and Mike is at work. I imagine I will probably get lost in there for several more hours. We did find what we had set our for. A grooooovy cabinet to put in our living room under our flat screen. Bad thing is- it is yellow. Good thing is - I can paint it black. It is the cutest thing ever and is everything I have been looking for, except for the color. Picture will follow as soon as I get it painted and planted right under the tv.

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