Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother’s DO know best (most of the time). For months and months Mason asked, or should I say begged – for a dirt bike. Christmas rolled around and his wish was granted – despite his naughty behavior. The poor kid is grounded from all of the fun things around the house because he chooses to have a smart mouth, therefore he looses activities that he loves such as riding his dirt bike. About a month after Christmas Mason changed his mind… he decided that we could take his dirt bike back (yeah right) and buy him a BB gun. Ooooooohhh please little child of mine – what makes your little brain think that we are crazy enough to trust you with a BB gun??? My argument to him was 1)- you are only 7 years old and 7 year old boys do not need any type of gun 2) – you are not a very responsible 7 year old and you make hasty , impulsive decisions. 3) – you are not easily reasoned with when you do make impulsive decisions. So there – no you are not getting a BB gun.

Fast forward to February. The little boy Michael who comes to our house after school was given a BB gun for Christmas. Mason was mighty jealous let me tell ya! About 2 weeks ago Michael’s dad came bringing a small BB gun (looks like a hand gun) and a pack of neon yellow pellets for MASON!!??!! WHAT???!!! Little Michael felt so bad for dearest, sweetest (ha ha ha ha) little Mason and he talked his grandmother into buying a BB gun for Mason. Well Mr. Mason was already grounded when they came toting that BB to gun to our house and it was several days before he was able to take it outside with dad and play around with it. I think he was able to do this twice so far this month because he chose to be naughty way too many times lately. On Thursday I was on the phone with a credit card company (they screwed up our bill) and Mason comes by and whispers “can I take my BB gun outside?” uhhhmmmmm NO!! He wasn’t even supposed to be outside because he had disobeyed my order earlier that day. I had told him not to leave our yard. I went back inside for maybe 2 minutes and came back out to find Mason on his bike out in the street up above our house…..grrrrrr. So he marched right back in the house. Well, back to the BB gun. I was on the phone still talking to customer service and didn’t realize that my wild child had snuck outside. A few moments later he came SCREAMING in the house “I shot a car with my BB gun and the man is coming after me – I didn’t mean to, I promise I didn’t mean to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Oh my gosh – the child was about to hyperventilate and MY blood was boiling. Mike was upstairs and heard all of the commotion and ran outside to talk to the man who was riding by our house as Mason decided to shoot the gun at the road/car. The guy was cool about it and said that he understood because he has kids too… he was just stopping because of what could have happened if he had shot at the wrong person and we needed to know. Thanks Mister!! So needless to say I told Spenser to take the BB gun and get rid of it… I am thinking trash can and then decide against that and tell him to destroy it. Spenser’s eyes lit up! What about the baseball bat? Yes! Sounds perfect my dear. The BB gun was destroyed and has been laid to rest in the local landfill. Moral of the story?? Mom’s do know best!

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