Saturday, October 2, 2010

I really deserve the mother of the year award. Ask me why….

Ashlyn’s birthday was August 31. And I have yet to blog about it. My girly turned 11 years old. ELEVEN years old…wow, how did that happen? It only seems like yesterday she started kindergarten and I was scared out of my mind. This fall she started middle school and again, I was scared out of my mind. Still am some days if you wanna know the truth. Although she is still very delayed in a lot of areas she is growing up in several other areas.

Mike took the kids to the fair with a couple of his family members the other night. I would have loved to go but I had to work that night. Being the good daddy that he is, he sent me a couple of photos on my cell to show me what a good time she was having. He said that she wanted to ride all of the big rides and squealed with laughter and laughed so hard she could barely breathe! Oh how I wish I could have been there too! But wait, I was there just the day before and she acted nothing like that with me. You see we have a little Mama drama going on and have so for several years. On Thursday I went with her class to the fair to participate with the local FFA students from a local high school. They had a special day set up where FFA students would work with the exceptional children’s class and teach them how to “show” a sheep. Each of the FFA students have experience showing sheep at the fair and one of the seniors from the high school used this as her “senior project”. It was really fun for most of the kids, but of course Ashlyn had to break out the drama on us. She got mad at us because she wanted to ride the sheep. Forget showing this sheep, I wanna ride it! She ran around whining and fussing so I ended up bringing her over to the bleachers to watch all of her classmates and then she FINALLY calmed down. After the sheep showing was over we walked around the fair for a bit to let the kids ride a few rides. Do you think Ashlyn rode any rides?? NO!! She was too busy displaying her Mama drama. Whiney, crying, sitting down on the ground, being totally uncooperative! I tried to take her to the bathroom and all I could find was porta potties…..ewwwwww. I thought well, it’s worth trying. But obviously Ashlyn was not thinking like me. She took off running and screaming Nooooooooooo! Which by the looks of it, I wouldn’t have wanted to use it either. She is totally FREAKED out by small spaces and there was no way she was going to climb in that potty. So then we finally sat down to eat lunch and this made her very happy, surprised? Ha! Needless to say this was a very stressful day as I still had to run to a doctors appointment after the fair and was not looking forward to the procedure I would be having that day.

So fast forward to Friday, Ashlyn is having the time of her life at the fair with her daddy and cousins. It was at night and I am sure it was a lot cooler than it was when we went during the day. She had so much fun that she cried her little heart out when it was time to leave. The longer they were there the more impatient she became in waiting in the lines to get on a ride. Ashlyn does not understand about waiting her turn…when she wants something she wants it NOW!!! So out of the fair they go, kicking and screaming. It’s great that she is finally growing up some and actually riding the rides at the fair. It wasn’t so long ago that she would have torn her fingernails off to keep from getting on a ride.

Okay here’s where I should get the mother of the year award. Ashlyn’s teacher called me from school this week to tell me that Ashlyn had a blowout in her pants that went up her back……YIKES. I found out later it happened 3 times that day! Poor teacher! Ashlyn hasn’t been pooping her pants so I was confused as to why this was happening. I told her teacher that it could possibly be a side effect of her seizure medicine. Later that afternoon Rhonda was at our house (she works with Ashlyn after school on her goals.) I was telling her about what happened at school and I told her that it could be the meds or possibly she might have a milk allergy. Rhonda then tells me, Traci, look at what you are feeding her. I look down and it’s yogurt, yeah so what? You are giving her the Activa yogurt that is for people who need bowel movement stimulation!!! OH-MY-GOSH!!! Trust me when I say, Ashlyn needs no help whatsoever in the bowel movement department! The poor girl had 2 cups of it the night before her blow out and had just downed about ¾ of another cup!!! Oooooppppps!!! I don’t typically buy that brand of yogurt but I had a coupon for it and it was free with the coupon so I thought I would grab it because Ashlyn LOVES yogurt! I think we will be sticking with Trix yogurt from now on!!!

Ask me about taking poor poopsie to the doctor today :( That's another post but let me tell you, I have beat myself up all day over it :(