Monday, October 19, 2009

Another seizure....

Ashlyn had another seizure last night. This makes about 7 since July...not good. Her seizure meds have been adjusted to double for about a month now and she still had another one. It actually was REALLY weird! I don't know if some people have any types of "warnings" right before they have a seizure, but last night I was laying down with her trying to get her to go to sleep. She repeated "please stop" about 5 times, which is soooo out of character for her. Nobody was touching her and we weren't talking, just total blackness and silence (except for her repeating please stop). Mike came in and layed down with her while I took a shower. Everyone else was in the bed and I heard him yelling my name and I immediately *KNEW* that she had to be having a seizure because he was yelling so loud, knowing the boys were in bed too. I jumped out of the shower and ran in there to find her still seizing. It wasn't that long, only about a minute, but I kept thinking "oh what if she had had it earlier in the day and fell and hit her head again?" But thankfully she was safe in the bed. I called the neurologists office today and I am thanking God that they aren't co-pay sucking freaks and didn't make me drive all the way to Charlotte to figure out another prescription plan for her. Luckily we had discussed changing her meds last month because I was having trouble getting the capsules in her and so the doctor had in the chart that we would switch to Keppra if I continued having trouble getting the Zonegran capsules in her. Taking medicine is pure TORTURE for Ashlyn. She doesn't like the taste and she doesn't comprehend why we have to give her this yucky stuff every night. So now that she has had another seizure, the torture has to increase :( We went from taking her medicine once a day, to now giving her three different doses in one day. She will start on Keppra in the morning and in the evening she will get another dose of Keppra along with the Zonegran for about two weeks. We sure could use your prayers! It takes two of us to get her meds in her! She is 47 pounds of TOUGH MEAT!! There is NO WAY I could get her meds in her by myself, as she fights like a line backer!! Ahhhhhh, such is life....sometimes we have to do things that we really just don't want to do! I would gladly take 10 shots in the hiney a night, than to have to give her one dose of medicine!!

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