Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch of the day....

We are back from Maryland! We had an awesome time visiting Papa John, Grandma Denise and Uncle Eric! We were all sad to leave, but I am sure that the hosts are
liking the quietness that they were left when we headed back to NC! Here are
a few pics from one of their days of adventure......
The 3 stooges go crabbing, okay there was one more person but we don't
consider her a stooge... hahaha!

Mason shows off the catch!

Miss Priss checks out the crabbies!

Okay, this is how you hold the crab so that they can't pinch you!

He's already a pro.....

Getting down to business..... dig in!

Here Papa John, I have a nice, crunchy crab leg for you!

No Ashlyn, you don't eat that part of the crab!

Oh geez, I knew we would have to throw a cry fest in here somewhere!

That's all folks!!!

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