Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's day to me!

Apparently I am more beautiful than a mule, so says my youngest and (ahem) dearest child. Mason was given a form to fill out and fill in the blanks to the questions in Sunday school on Mother's day to tell things about his mother. Here are a few things the dear, sweet boy said about me:

My mom's name is Traci. (he is so smart)
She is 37 years old. (right on brother)
She wears a size 4 shoe (dang my foot must have shrunk by 5 sizes).
Her favorite food is pizza (well I wouldn't say it is my favorite food but it does rank up there pretty high).
If I could take her on a trip, I would take her to -Florida. (that sounds good, we could meet up with a few family members and maybe visit Mickey Mouse)
My mom likes it when - I kiss her. (isn't he sweet?)
I would like to buy my mom a - dog. (how thoughtful he is... he had written a CAR, but scratched through it and wrote a dog....Just what I need LOL)

and last but not least- My mom is more beautiful than- a mule. (if he gets any sweeter, I don't know what I will do with him)

OH and I won't dare say what he guessed my weight to be. What were those Sunday school teachers thinking when they put that question on there????? Ruined my whole day, LOL.

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