Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not so nice words

So what is it with boys and icky words like - butt, fart, poop, poopy head, butthole??? It seems like that is all that Mason and his friends want to talk about and of course they jolt out into hysterics when they say these words to each other. I stand back and roll my eyes, thinking well at least my angel (bwaaahaaaa) Ashy isn't a icky word user... or is she?? A couple of years ago she learned the phrase - SHUT UP. It drove me nuts and I am sure that it drove her teachers nuts and let's not forget the bus drivers. Her bus driver informed one day that Ashlyn told her to shut up all the way home one day... she didn't look too happy either. (ooops)

Well now she has learned a new word from the boys - botthole. Yes - botthole. The first time she said it I fell out into a fit of laughter, and it is funny because she says it with a big ol' Cheshire grin. Just the way she pronounces it makes me laugh. So imagine my chuckle when she came out the other day with - shut up botthole. Mike and I had to turn away and chuckle, before we could get it out that it isn't nice and those are ugly words. She didn't care- she just kept on grinning cause she's funny and she knows it :)

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