Monday, December 1, 2008

Look who came to our house

It's Mr. Jingles, one of Santa's elves. He brought a gingerbread house for us to decorate and left a note explaining who he is. Mr. Jingles is one of Santa's elves who watches our children throughout the day and notes who is naughty and who is nice. He reports back to the North Pole every night and tells Santa all about Spenser, Ashlyn & Mason. On the days when the kids are not naughty Mr. Jingles will leave a treat for the kids the next morning, BUT they have to find him first because he likes to hide every morning after his trip back from the North Pole.

Mommy tried to take a picture of the wild woman in her Christmas dress... look who won't be getting a treat tomorrow, ha ha! Just joking!

She didn't want her picture made, she just wanted to make "poot" sounds on her arm

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WheresMyAngels said...

Omgosh, she is so cute! I just want to meet her! But not keep her, I have Mercede and that is enough. lol